Tsunako is the creator of the Neptunia series, and also serves as the artist for the series. She is one of the four heavenly kings of Compile Heart along with Moo Niitani, Kenji Kaneko, and Tsunako. She was born on January 28,1986.


She wears glasses.

Work on Neptunia

She's an artist. She does art. What did you expect, Sportaflop? She designs all the characters in the game herself as well. Actually, she's also the creator of the Neptunia series. Actually actually, she also does all the music in the game herself as well. Actually actually actually, she also does all the coding in the game herself as well. Actually, I'm pretty sure Tsunako is the only person who actually works on these damned things. That's the only plausible explanation for everything in the entire damn series being so damn bad. In fact I'm pretty sure she even does all the voices in the series, too! That all star voice cast, Rie Tanaka, Hana Kanazawa, Norio Wakamoto, it's all a lie. None of those people actually worked on this series. You see, all of the voice clips in the series are actually doctored by none other than Tsunako herself. She records herself saying the lines, then uses a plethora of voice-changing software to make herself sound like the actress of choice. Some lines she just pieces together clips from her vast array of sound clips from different animes. As for the art... well, Tsunako's actually just a really good artist, so can't rap her on that one.

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Tsunako Art

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