Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (known internally as Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth4) is the fifth game built off of the Victory engine, the sequel to Sonic Generations, and one of the many alternate dimension spinoffs of the Neptunia series. This game follows IF, crap bike, and bitch on their quest to go back in time and repair broken history.


Don't you hate it when girls come falling from the sky? Anyways, Segami falls from the sky and lands on IF, who is somehow able to catch her while driving her motorbike at illegal speeds, and the two wander into a nearby library. They meet Histoire, who tells them of the Time Eater, which after getting beat up by Sonic has come to this dimension to wreak more havoc. Histy sends the two of them on a quest to restore history (whatever that means) by going into four different time periods and beating up everyone involved.

IF's Flame Awakening

In this game, IF has this mysterious power to transform, using a skill named Flame Awakening. While it mostly just makes her a lot redder, it also makes her as powerful as the goddesses in their transformed states. This ability is NEVER referenced to by the story throughout the entire game, nor does she transform in any cutscenes, and she has it from the start of the game. This ability, of course, never makes an appearance in any other game either. It was most likely a last minute addition by the devs to make IF less trash as she's the main character here.

The Final Boss

Hilariously, the last boss (the Time Eater) just lurks around the corner for the entire game waiting for you to come and beat it up, presumably having a feast of books while it waits. You can challenge it any time but it will probably just beat you up unless you're around level 90 or so.

The Sega Hard Girls

The main draw of this game, look, they're even in the title. Four horribly unimaginative and terribly designed anthropomorphizations of four pieces of Sega Hardware: the Sega Mega Drive (the Seha equivalent disappointingly not renamed to Genesis for the gringo audience), the Sega Saturn, the Sega Game Gear, and the Sega Dreamcast, with just the "Sega" part dropped for the names of the respective girls. While they each have their own personalities, they don't quite appear onscreen enough to get attached. They're an entirely unexplained existence, and all they do for the entire game is fight their goddess counterparts. There are actually other Sega Hard Girls, for other pieces of Sega hardware, but they only appear as chirper icons.

If you didn't figure it out already, the Sega Hard Girls aren't property of Compile Heart or Idea Factory. They're indeed IPs of Sega, originating from a shitty light novel series and an equally shitty anime series. Since there's no room for information on them anywhere else on this wiki, I'll give you brief recommendation: it's worth watching if you are a big Sega fan, and absolutely NOT worth watching for anyone else. Episode 2 is the best episode.

Considering that they exist, and that Neptunia has four Sega themed goddesses, this crossover was only a matter of time, and that time was 2015. By the way, if the name "Seha" ever confused you, it's an abbreviation of Sega Hard [Girls].


But what about Segami? Is she a Sega Hard Girl too? Well, no. Well... no? Is she a goddess then? Uhh... how about both? ??????



In this game, dungeons are a bit upgraded. Although some of our favorite recurring dungeons do make a return, there are actually some new dungeons that utilize some new mechanics. IF (or Segami, if you actually bother changing your character to the only other party leader) can climb vines, shimmey across ropes, and even crawl through small passages. While performing any of those actions, she has a really funny animation that never gets old no matter how many times you look at it. Amusingly, every time she crawls into a hole, the camera shoves itself into her ass. This means that if you bother to change your party leader to Segami, you get to stare at her undies for a good 3 seconds. Sadly, you cannot set any of the other characters as the leader (despite being able to in other games), so she's the only one who gives you a free upskirt this time around. Some of the new dungeons are actually a bit intricate, instead of the one screen levels present in other games (dont worry, this game has its fair share of those too), and give you some small sense of exploration.

Battle System

This game has quite possibly the best battle system in the entire series. I suppose that after making so many Neptunia games, Compile Heart eventually figured out how to make a battle system that doesn't suck. It's massively simplified from earlier Re;Birth titles, instead of having 3 different types of normal attacks, with multiple different attacks per type, it has just one, but it can be done multiple times in one turn. Each action slowly fills an action gauge, which when filled ends your turn, and as it fills, makes your next turn come later. Due to this mechanic, you can even perform actions such as Skills multiple times in one turn, or neglect to perform all of your actions so that your next turn comes sooner. There is also a charge attack option, which while powerful, fills the entire meter. The turn order list actually finally fucking works properly this time, and even lets you know where you'll be in the list after you perform an action, allowing you to plan out your moves much more accurately. It also has a weird Fever mechanic that allows you to spam EXE drives to absolutely rape bosses. One unfortunate downside of the battle system is it requires you to recharge SP by attacking enemies (similar to games like Re;Birth3), which can take a long time. Additionally, enemies don't quite give enough EXP, which can require you to grind quite a bit for some boss fights. While not quite perfect yet, it's definitely the best and most engaging battle system that the entire series has to offer.


  • Bizarrely, in the english dub, Histoire's name doesn't have a silent H, which is inconsistent with the localization of every other game, as well has her Japanese name. This, along with a lot of other oddities, such as Nepgear calling Neptune "sister" instead of Neptune at one point, leads me to believe that this game has a different localization team from the other Neptunia games.
  • Neptune's Seha equivalent is Saturn, despite the fact that her namesake, the Sega Neptune, is actually based on the Sega Mega Drive. However, she does allude to the Saturn most consistently throughout the series, so this error is actually of Neptune herself rather than just this game.
  • IF drops two f-bombs in this game, albeit censored.
  • In spite of the fact that the Sega Game Gear came out before the Sega Saturn, the Game Gear period is after the Saturn period. This is to keep consistent with Neptune being older than Nepgear. However, the story insists that Nepgear is older than Neptune, and continues to muddle the details instead of clarify.
  • There was a poll for whether fans preferred the Neptunia goddesses or the Seha girls. The Seha girls got swamped by the Neps, no contest. The prize for winning this poll was a beach CG of the goddesses (plus IF) in their swimsuits.
  • This is the 69th page on the wiki.
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