Soulmourn X Blanc and Plutia is an ongoing 2020 fanfiction written by BigE365 about Soulmourn, a nondescript human male, who is married to Blanc. At the time of writing, there is currently three chapters released.

Chapter List

Since OP has neglected to provide a chapters list himself, one will be provided here for those who may be interested. All chapters are extremely short and can be read through in just a few minutes.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Plot (This section may contain spoilers but I'm not entirely sure if that's the case and so it would be nice if someone were to let me know if, indeed, this section indeed does indeed contain spoilers, indeed)

The story itself is so short it would be faster to go to the pages and read the entire thing than to try to concisely summarize the entire plot. But nonetheless: Soulmourn (who is not the same as OP) is married to Blanc for many years, and they have many children. However, Soulmourn is actually in love with Plutia... also. He asks her hand in marriage and she loves him back also, so she says yes. Blanc, who is either the chillest wife in the world or the stupidest wife in the world (please vote in the comment section) is perfectly OK with this and allows Soulmourn to be wed to both her and Plutia.

Where's Chapter 3

Come on BigE365, you better bring out the next installment before Half-Life 3 comes out


  • I can't stop laughing.


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