Segami, better known as Bitch, is one of the three (two) main characters of Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls. She's a mysterious amnesiac who falls from the sky, and joins IF on her quest to repair broken history.


As it turns out, Segami is actually God herself and is older than time. ... Oh, spoilers? Anyways, Segami is God herself and is the creator of the Sega Hard Girls. She's not a goddess like the CPUs, however, and is actually a completely different race. She's referred to as a "god" in the ingame dialogue, instead of "goddess". This is to mirror the Japanese dialogue which calls her "kami-sama" instead of "megami-sama," however the nuance of the difference is kind of lost in translation.

Her status as god herself is extremely nebulous; her powers are unknown, and her duties are entirely up to your imagination. The only godly abilities we do know she has are the ability to create the Sega Hard Girls and transform into them. She also has the ability to delet the Time Eater. It's entirely plausible that she actually possesses the ability to manipulate reality, but only God knows what she's really capable of.


Bitch's name is actually Hatsumi Sega (real subtle there guys), not that you would know that from just playing the game as she introduces herself as Segami, which is what everyone calls her for the entire game. "Segami" is an abbreviation of Hatsumi Sega. Wait, is that backwards?


Holy shit I'm blind and I can't look at the image in the top right corner of the article, I need someone to describe to me in EXCRUCIATING detail exactly what this bitch looks like, because not only do I not have eyes to read this article with, I'm also legally blind and can't look at the giant image in the top right there, nor can I stare at any of the wonderful images provided in the gallery down below.

Bow Stain

Bizarrely, one of the sides of Bitch's bow has a little blue blur on it. I thought that Tsunako fucked up her portrait yet again, but no, that odd little stain actually persists on all of Segami's art, meaningggggg... it's an actual part of her design. Funnily enough, while lots of fanartists have actually noticed this weird stain, the in-house modelers at Compile Heart have not, and thus her 3D model does not have the weird stain.


Segami is a bitch.

Now that we know (willingly or not) that she's God, her personality actually kind of makes sense. After all, wouldn't the supreme ruler of the world probably not be used to having to consider other people's feelings? Not to mention, she probably hasn't been around other people very long, meaning... yep, we've found this series' second loner. Despite being a rampant asshole, she seems to have good chemistry with IF. Well, it takes one to know one, I guess....

Likes and Dislikes

Sadly as she only appears in one game we don't have a lot of information to go off of. However she does seem to hold massive contempt for Neptune, and is deathly afraid of Iris Heart. Her favorite liquor is tequila.


Segami is the sworn rival and enemy of Nintendomi, and the two of them have fought many wars that lasted many centuries. Whenever the two of them met, they would always engage in a brawl. While at first the two of them seemed to fight on par, eventually Nintendomi began to far surpass her and Segami could no longer keep up with her rival. In one battle Nintendomi punched Segami in the face so hard that she lost all of her teeth and fell into a coma. Even though the two of them were enemies, Nintendomi felt bad about incapacitating her, and visited her hospital bed every day, giving flowers, gifts, and even helping the staff with taking care of her. But years passed, and Segami never awoke. Nintendomi couldn't bear seeing her rival like this anymore and embarked on a journey to find a way to make Segami wake up for good. She traveled far and wide, searching for something, anything, but even after 10 years, she was unable to find a cure for Segami.

Nintendomi returned to Segami's bedside once more, but was surprised to see no Segami in the bed. After asking the staff about Segami, she heard that Segami actually awoke from her coma 2 years ago and was released from the hospital. Ecstatic to hear that Segami was well again, Nintendomi of course set off for Segami's house to see her. When Segami opened the door and saw her sworn rival, the one who had put her into a coma for over 10 years, she immediately knew what to do, and punched Nintendomi in the face with all her might and none of her hesitation. In the instant her fist touched Nintendomi's face, all of the bones in her hand shattered and a giant crack ran through her arm bones all the way up to her elbow. Nintendomi, of course, was completely unharmed. As it turned out, not only was Segami comatose for all those years, but her body was severely damaged from the fight that caused it, and while she was able to rehab her muscles enough to be able to move and do normal person things, she was unable to completely recover from the atrophy, and is incapable of any kind of labor and can't even walk to the nearest bus stop by herself. In spite of the fact that Segami more or less came at her with untempered murderous intent, Nintendomi swore to herself to dedicate the rest of her life to taking care of Segami. Unfortunately, two days later Segami was shot to death by a burglar who was trying to steal her TV.




  • While the allusions to Sega and Sonic in her design are painfully obvious, what's not obvious is that her personality as well is modeled after Sega. That's right, the real reason why Segami is such a bitch is...
  • Segami wears Soap shoes and is capable of grinding on rails.
  • If Segami collects 50 rings, she can transform into Super Segami.
  • There is a feature in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls where you can make Segami perform various poses in the air by pressing different directions on the control stick. However, this feature is unused.
  • In battle, Segami is a slow, powerhouse type of character. Real missed opportunity there...
    • Most likely, this is so that she is the opposite of the speedy weakster IF, who also is the main character.
  • She has a strange obsession with the phrase "the end," as it appears in many of her quotes.


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