Rom uma das irmãs gêmeas de Blanc, junto com Ram. Apesar de sua calma, ela é uma irmã mais velha de Ram. Seu nome é derivado da ROM, o acrônimo de Read-Only Memory. Rom representa o Nintendo Switch Joycon (L).


what you must do for Rom

Likes and Dislikes

Rom's favorite album is Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. Her favorite character from Re:Zero is Emilia. Her favorite video game is Mario Party 3. Her favorite soft drink is Sprite.


Rom is consistently better than Ram in every game they're playable in. Seriously, never put Ram on your team, Rom's just way fucking better. Rom always has a little bit more defense, and Ram a little bit more offense, but they're both super squishy and do high damage so the slight nudge in extra attack doesn't really do anything for Ram, but the extra defense that Rom carries is much appreciated (although it still doesn't mean much). In addition, Rom has like 3 times more skills, most of which are retardedly op support skills, like the aoe revive spell. Like, wow, what the fuck. I don't think Ram even has more offensive skills. If she does, she has like, one.

In Megadimension Neptunia VII

You thought Rom outclassed Ram already? Well guess what fucker, now she completely obsoletifies Ram. In VII she has a bigger attack range than Ram, plus a lot of her weapons have more attack slots, meaning the slight attack power advantage that Ram has might as well not even exist since now Rom does not only more damage but to more opponents at the same time. She's actually like one of the best characters in the game since she can 1rko most random encounters, and a lot of them at the same time due to her massive range. Being a magic user is also a plus since that means she can still deal damage to the few enemies that are resistant to physical attacks. It's also a plus because magic attacks are op in general.




  • I forgot where, but it's said in one of the games that when Rom grows up she'll be busty. Too bad Rom can't grow up.
  • If you add Rom and Ram and divide by 2, you'll get Blanc.


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