Ram one of Blanc's twin sisters, along with Rom. Despite her rambunctious demanor, she is Rom's younger sister. Her name is derived from RAM, the acronym for Random Access Memory. Ram represents the Nintendo Switch Joycon (R). No matter what, you need to download more of her.


what Ram will do to you

Likes and Dislikes

Ram's favorite album is Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. Her favorite character from Re:Zero is Emilia. Her favorite video game is Grand Theft Auto V. Her favorite soft drink is Coke. She regularly insults Pepsi drinkers to assert dominance, except Rom. Rom is too precious for that.


Ram is consistently worse than Rom in every game they're playable in. Seriously, never put Ram on your team, Rom's just way fucking better. Ram always has a little bit more offense, and Rom a little bit more defense, but they're both super squishy and do high damage so the slight nudge in extra attack doesn't really do anything for Ram, but the extra defense that Rom carries is much appreciated (although it still doesn't mean much). In addition, Rom has like 3 times more skills, most of which are retardedly op support skills, like the aoe revive spell. Like, wow, what the fuck. I don't think Ram even has more offensive skills. If she does, she has like, one.


While Lindley does do a good job of capturing the spirit of Ram's childlike and mischevious personality, and does a half-decent job of, well, acting, there's just one problem with her performance as Ram, which is a common problem with English voice acting in general. She sounds too old! Ram is clearly supposed to be like 10, but Lindley makes her sound like a much more developed teen. At least she still sounds like a "child" (in a comparatively loose definition of the word "child"), and not like a full-grown adult, I guess. Ishihara on the other hand, makes Ram sound cute as FUCK. She's better at the acting part too, but doesn't quite capture the essence of total bitchery like Lindley does.




  • If you add Rom and Ram and divide by 2, you'll get Blanc.


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