The Kaneko 7, erroneously referred to as the "Kaneki 7" on the Cyberdimension Neptunia page, is 7 recurring tracks, all composed by series composer Kenji Kaneko, that appear in every mainline Neptunia game since Mk2, and several spinoffs. All 7 of the songs play exclusively on cutscenes. Although they appear in all games, the track names randomly change sometimes for no reason from game to game.

The tracks are:

  1. $100: Basic cutscene music that you will hear in like every single cutscene when nothing unusual is going on.
  2. Blue Twilight: The saddest excuse for a "sad" cutscene song. Most likely inspired by the sad song from Hyperdimension Neptunia, also composed by Kenji Kaneko, as it is very similar in flow, and some sequences are similar to Splash, which the other song is based on.
  3. Rough Flash: An "oh no!" premonition kind of theme.
  4. Minicar: Do you like my [mini]car?
  5. Light Lite: The counterpart to $100, the other basic cutscene music.
  6. Strong Determination: Song that plays when Neptune decides to stop being a li'l pussy bitch and kick some goddamn ass.
  7. Continuous Hits: Song that plays when the situation seems dire and the main character(s) are getting their asses kicked or are about to recieve a new one.

Honorable mentions

There are a few other Kaneko tracks that, while they don't quite possess the ubiquity of the Kaneko 7, are present in multiple other Neptunia games.

  • Nepgear's Theme ver.V: While it appears in pretty much every game, it's missing in Megadimension Neptunia VII, and obviously debuted in Victory instead of Mk2, and therefore is disqualified from being a part of the Kaneko 7 (although that would've made it the Kaneko 8).
  • Planeptune's Theme, mk2 ver.: Is missing in a few odd games, and therefore is not qualified.
  • Nepstation: Plays on, you guessed it, the Nepstation segments. This song appears in every game that has Nepstation, and appears in no games that don't have Nepstation. Not that many games actually have Nepstation, so...
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