Compa (ファックユー) is one of the main character of Hyper Dimention Neptunia. Usually clumsy and clueless like Nep-Nep, she is a kind girl which help for those who are needed as she is study under the Nursing School. She is married to IF.


Compa was first introduced as she found Neptune fell onto the ground and took her to the house for the treatment.


Compa's stupidity is rivaled only by the one and only dumb bitch, Nep-Nep herself. She is a very slow individual, not quite as slow as Plutia, but still operates at a much slower pace than most of the cast. She is also very clumsy. She is crafted to the Japanese airhead stereotype, and appends desu to all of her sentences desu. She has a bright and bubbly personality, and is shown to be a very loving and caring kind of individual with a great mommy aura. Compa is exceptionally happy-go-lucky and is definitely the happiest person in the series, no, on the entire planet. Despite being a girly-girl kind of girl, she's absolutely fearless and is just as willing to charge headfirst into battle as other characters. When in battle, she attacks monsters joyously, which is supposed to make her seem cuter. In reality, it actually makes her look like a cold-blooded murderer.

Compa is shown to have an incredibly high housewife stat, quite possibly the highest in the entire series, and is adept at all household skills; cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc. Despite her status as a klutz, she is capable of doing any household task flawlessly, although the same can't be said about medical tasks.

You are now imagining Compa cleaning a toilet.

Likes and Dislikes

She enjoys cooking food for others.


Compa is revealed to be a dropout midway through Hyperdimension Neptunia and its remake, Re;Birth1, but is retconned to be a graduate in the next game. The sequels notwithstanding, this does raise some questions such as, what did she do in her spare time until she met Nep-Nep? Does she have a job? How does she afford housing? Does she pay her taxes? What about her relatives? Does she even have any friends? Is her healing magic safe? Will the Basilicom fund the rest of her life since Nep-Nep likes her? None of the abundant pressing questions about Compa's past or present are ever answered, Compa is just Compa. It's never stated, but it is probably safe to assume that she is actually a NEET.

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  • Compa says "desu" so much that it even bleeds into her English voice. This only happens in Re;Birth1, however.
  • Her outfit is absolute fluff. She has the comfiest outfit in the entire series.
    • She probably made it herself too.
  • It is a mystery how she is even capable of lifting such a massive syringe.
    • It is also a mystery why they are sold in stores when she is the only person who would ever use them, according to other characters.


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