Celetia is the place where the goddesses live.


Celestia is located above the human world. It never rains, and the temperature is always 69 degrees Farenheit (about 20.5 degrees celsius). There is also always a gentle breeze throughout the land. Food is abundant; all kinds of processed dishes (such as pizza) grow on trees. All food from Celestia are extremely healthy, and can be eaten lavishly without getting fat. Overall, Celestia could be called paradise. However, there is no Internet in Celestia. For that reason, despite there being a bullet train that goes from each landmass to Celestia, not one Gamindustri resident has chosen to move there.

The Console War

In Celestia, the goddesses never get hungry or tired so they stay in their goddess forms all the time and fight literally all the time like a married quartet. It's lasted so long that none of the goddesses actually remember what started the Console War.


At first, the goddesses used to live in peace and harmony in Celestia, ruling over their nations from above, and living together in one house. Everything was buttery smooth until one day Neptune opened the fridge to discover that someone had eaten her beloved pudding. She immediately accused her fellow goddesses of eating her pudding. But they all denied it, as neither of them had eaten the pudding. However, instead of simply denying it, they began accusing each other of having committed the heinous act. The argument quickly escalated into a full-blown brawl. Since the goddesses can't get tired, they just kept fighting without stopping. Hours became days, and days became years as the war went on and on with no stop in sight. The truth however, was that Neptune actually ate the pudding herself the night before in her sleep, but didn't remember.


  • Celestia doesn't appear in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2, however, an item called the "Celestia Bangle" quotes Neptune saying "What the heck happened to Celestia?" in its description.
  • Celestia in the original Japanese version of the series is called Heaven.
  • There are no buses in Celestia.
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