Bucket is a fairy. She appears in a grand total of one game, Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online, where she acts as a stand-in for Histoire, who is nowhere to be seen during the events of the game.


She's one eye color swap away from being the perfect Aryan. Also she has this white dress and heels on, so she's basically Navi but cute and less annoying. Vert made a really good choice wanting her as a sister.

Bouquet in 4GO

Bucket shows up one day while Nep is in a field screwing around and tells Nep and her friends that some nasty shit is about to happen if they don't do stuff. Then she just sits around in the Cathedral being a disgusting voyeur until Nep gets treasure and brings down her four masters. Along the way she learns how to be a real girl and gets crushed by Vert's boobs like a lucky bitc- I mean good little sister.


  • She can make clones of herself to fight big bad monsters
  • Bucket has D.I.D. and sometimes changes to her other personality who she calls "GM"
  • While her palette, outfit, and wings are changed when she's spending her time as a Sister, her hairstyle remains exactly the same, serving as the only hint that the two are the same person.
  • There is a scene in which a team of Bouquets show up to fight monsters that appeared in the city. However, all of them are completely useless in battle.


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